Phenomenology and Values

Contributions from Philosophy and Psychology


What are the lived-meanings of “values” and “ethics” from a Husserlian phenomenological perspective? The aim of this conference is to promote a unique exchange between phenomenological philosophers and psychologists who are exploring lived ethical experience. The phenomenological  method        itself arguably implies an ethical commitment to the lived-experience of the
other. Phenomenological psychologists have critiqued empirical or theory-laden
approaches to research or clinical practice as distorting the fullness of lived-subjectivity; it is claimed that Husserl’s psychological reduction offers a more adequate foundation for an ethical valuing of the other in psychology. We invite philosophers to present explorations of the
ethical implications of Husserl’s philosophy. Potential topics might include: Is the recognition of truthfulness an “intuitive” act, in a Husserlian sense? Are value and truth the contents of two different kinds of intentions? How could we describe the value as intentional object? Can
the truthfulness of a value be perceived? We invite psychological researchers to
present original research on the Husserlian psychology of values, evaluation, moral reasoning, and ethics. Potential topics might include: What is the essential structure of the experience of evaluation, or of valuing an object of perception? What is the experience of altruism? The conference will provide a forum not only for philosophical and psychological presentations, but also for roundtable, interdisciplinary discussions aimed at enriching the field.


Guidelines to apply

-         Abstract submitted should not exceed 300 words. It should be sent to this email: by the deadline 10 March 2012 – the date of acceptance is 10 April 2012

-         Papers submitted should not exceed 3000 words – footnotes excluded. Papers should be sent by 1st of June.

-          The following formats are accepted for submission: RTF, PDF, DOC

-         Conference fees: 50 euro