Rome,14th and 15th of July



Values and Ethics

Contributions from Philosophy and Psychology


What are the lived-meanings of “values” and “ethics” from a Husserlian phenomenological perspective? The aim of this conference is to promote a unique exchange between phenomenological philosophers and psychologists who are exploring lived ethical experience. Within philosophy the ethical dimension of Husserl’s philosophy has been sometimes neglected, yet writings like the Kaizo articles or Husserl’s lectures on ethics and value theory (1908-1914) demonstrate the centrality of questions of value for Husserl. Moreover, the phenomenological method itself arguably implies an ethical commitment to the lived-experience of the
other. Phenomenological psychologists have critiqued empirical or theory-laden
approaches to research or clinical practice as distorting the fullness of lived-subjectivity; it is claimed that Husserl’s psychological reduction offers a more adequate foundation for an ethical valuing of the other in psychology. We invite philosophers to present explorations of the
ethical implications of Husserl’s philosophy. The conference will provide a forum not only for philosophical and psychological presentations, but also for roundtable, interdisciplinary discussions aimed at enriching the field.


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Coordinator Susi Ferrarello